New Features on the Hass Bar Feeder – Daily Objectivist

If the liner needs to change, all it takes is a simple push of a lever and a slight push with your hands to move it by itself. It’s controlled by a shock-charged gas that moves it back and forth. In addition, when it comes to changing the liners, they’re situated on the front side of the machine , not the back. This allows it to be easy to switch the liners.

Changing the height of the tray even become easier and more accessible. Before, it was located on the other side of where the bar would have been passed through. Now, it is right at the front and you can easily tell that you have the right size at the beginning. It is not necessary to use tools to install the pushrods. The latest Haas bar feeder features locks which make installing it simpler. The storage for the pushrods are located just above where you would install it making it easier to install.

If you want to know more about how the new Haas bar feeder is different from the previous models, take a look at this YouTube clip. adbi8wrfyi.

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