See Seal Coating Services in Action! – Vacuum Storage

This video shows youstep-by step through how sealing goes on and completes an asphalt construction. Seal coating services provide an essential, but simple service to infrastructure by making sure that roads as well as drivewaysare safe and secure.

Before we get into the details on the procedure itself we need to clarify what sealcoating means and its importance. The answer is that sealcoating is a protective coating that is brushed / swabbed on after the asphalt has been laid. Sealcoating acts as a protective layer that protects asphalt surfaces from the freezing temperature and leaks from vehicles.

Even though sealcoating is able to last for approximately 3 years, it is best to replace it each year to ensure asphalt has an optimal level of protection. It is typically an emulsion from coke tar, water along with additives and an emulsifying ingredient. It can dry completely in between 24 to 48 hours based on the conditions of the day. mrkn8c51qo.

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