The Equipment You Need to Start a Drain Cleaning Service Small Business – Small Business Magazine

One of the most important things you need to consider is the equipment you will require in order to run your business effectively.

It is important to look professional and be ready for every task that comes at you, to ensure professional drain cleaning. A well-equipped van and a company logo are essential for cleaning the drainage on site. The logo will allow your business to look reputable. Furthermore, you’ll require a few important tools for your job.

In the beginning, you’ll require an extensive drain camera to see the root of the clog. To clear clogs, you need a drain jeter. A small and portable camera is able to locate small, isolated clogs is also required. Also, you need a range of drain augers so that the clogs are cleared in all forms that aren’t deep into the plumbing system.

The previous video offers even more tools that will assist you in starting your journey in a smaller drain cleaning business.

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