Roofers in Beastmode – Infomax Global

In this video watch as two roofers overtake the burden that their bosses think they should not be able to.
Breaking up the monotony of the day when working at a roof isn’t an easy option to improve morale, it is also a fantastic method to try out limits. This video demonstrates the possibilities when you are motivated by cold cash. Watch as these workers challenge their fellow workers to pull large loads over a ladder two stories high.
The film is hilarious and remarkable. Two roofing specialists exceed their bosses’ expectations by lifting heavy loads their bodies are not made for. It is easy to cheer them on as they scale upwards on the ladder, with a heavy load sitting on one shoulder.
This is not something that you can do at in your own home. These men are roofers who are experienced and competent when it comes to carrying large loads up a ladder. Jesse amazes everyone by how many pounds he’s able to carry. dy4qd5pey6.

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