What Does a Bail Bond Agent Do? – Discovery Videos

A bail bondman is an agency or person who offers money or other property to help a person bail him out for the purpose of getting him out of jail prior to his trial.
What can a bail agent accomplish? The bail agent’s job is to fill out bonding forms with the criminal suspect, place the bailamount, take paymentsand contact in the event that the suspect fails to make it to the court.

Can anyone be eligible for bail? A bail agent will check the criminal background to determine if the person is eligible for bond. It is done to assess whether the defendant is in danger of fleeing and if he will appear before the judge.

What is the financial recourse should the person not appear in the court? The agent can agree to settle the bond if the defendant does not show up to the court.

What happens to the collateral over by the bond? Agents attach the surety bond to the collateral. In the event that the defendant continues to not pay the money in cash, the bail agent can acquire collateral, such as electronic devices, securities and jewellery.

How do bail agencies maintain contact with their clients? Bail bond agents ensure the defendant that they do not skip trial at court by keeping constant communication. The agent could be checking to see if the defendant is present or suggest that they keep in touch using their phone at regular times. gpzov26rm2.

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