3 of the Cheapest Minecraft Server Hosting Services – Rad Center


kbyte is the first service the speaker mentions. Shockbyte has a reliable Minecraft service that begins at a lovely price of $2.50 per month. The performance of the service is excellent given that it was built by keeping Minecraft as a goal.

The $2.50 package includes 1 GB of RAM and 20 whole-player slots. It’s referred to as the Dirt Plan, and this could work well in the case of those not looking for any super-powerful device. On the other hand, it’s an excellent choice for anyone who would like to ease the burden off his wallet. People who would like to have additional memory or slots could pay between $22 and $22 per month to avail these services. The plan provides 9GB of RAM, and 180 slots for player. The simplest package offers unlimited bandwidth as well as memory for the disk.

Anvilnode is the second spot the speaker talks about, and he states that it’s an ideal choice because of the speed and power. It offers almost at a low cost at $4 per month. Also, the voice of the video offers a number of amazing plans for Minecraft enthusiasts.

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