How To Use an Laminator – Customer Support Portal

ial laminator.

Four-rollers are used to laminate huge volumes of documents fast. The laminator can laminate 33 inches of paper in a minute. The laminate is sealed at a maximum thickness of 10mm to provide a durable protection.

The initial step in using your machine is to plug it into the outlet and activate it! The process is as simple as that! The next step is to decide on the thickness of the lamination you’ll be using and then set the dial to the suitable temperature. You can use a table illustrate this to the equipment.

Once you have finished, place the document in the laminate pouch then place it inside the cardboard bag. The cardboard carrier should be used every time laminate is finished. If the laminator is prepared to run the switch for ready-run will blink. The item should be placed in a lengthwise position and then let it go through.

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