How to Prevent Soil Erosion – DIY Home Ideas

Then, in “Eep Soil Where it Belongs” They discuss the factors that causes soil erosion and how to stop it from happening. Wind, water and tillage are all factors that can lead to soil erosion. This can remove soil’s fertile top layer that is necessary to plant food or other crops. This could lead to flooding and landslides, water and soil pollution. The soil loses its ability to adapt to changes in the environment and it could take more than 1,000 years to produce new soil. Humans cause erosion of soils through non-sustainable plant techniques.

In order to reverse this trend that is causing the erosion, both farmers and customers can use sustainable soil strategies for managing soil. It is the process of rotation of large amounts of crop such as corn, hay and other grains to stop erosion. In order to protect the crops, conservation tillage means preserving more soil. Crops that are planted in rows on an uphill prevents the flow of water as well as runoff, and strip farming on sloped land has proven effective.

It is possible to plant plants in your home garden and teach children about how important soil is for producing food. Farmers can plant their crops on a slope using stepping stones and terraces. Another method to prevent soil erosion are using compost or mulch on plants.

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