What You Should Do When Leading a Bible Study – Great Conversation Starters

Joe will walk you through how to be sure that your classes are efficient.

These guidelines will be helpful if your first time leading small groups or want to enhance the effectiveness of your existing small group. Making preparation is the initial step of leading Bible studies in small groups. This step is key to having a successful experience. It is essential to ensure that the place is comfortable and safe for the small group. The space you’re creating can be designed using a number of different methods. One way to make the room more inviting is to make sure that you keep it clean. Get any clutter or other distractions off the space that you’ll be working in. Do not forget to bring snacks to snack on!

You can watch the whole video for those who host an intimate Bible study with small groups. The tutorial will help you understand the best ways to ensure you and your guests feel safe and secure. These guidelines will help guide you in the right direction as well as make you a more effective host.


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