The Correct Way to Prune Trees – Vacuum Storage

If they are not trimmed when they are not trimmed, they could easily fall to be out of control. This video will demonstrate how to trim trees. An arborist company could be a good option.

Trees can be pruned to remove undesirable growth or promote new growth. The ideal time to trim trees is towards the beginning or at the end of spring. You should remove any diseased or dead limbs promptly.

It will take a few equipment. For branches that are large, you require a pole and pruning saw. It is also necessary to have scissor cut shears for pruning. Electric tools are quicker and much more effective if you can choose. Finally, be sure the tools are sharp for optimal performance.

Safety glasses are required as well as a helmet for climbing to the top of the tree. After you’ve completed your work, pull out the dead or diseased branches. The leaders should be identified and removed. Don’t remove greater than 25 percent of the branches on a small tree, and 10% on a large tree.


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