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We are able to help you remember their guidelines and etiquette.

Eye and ear protection should be applied before ever stepping to the shooting range. Before removing firearms from duffel bags , verify which direction the barrel is in. If you do this, the firearm will always point downwards. when you put the firearm on the bench it’ll aim downrange to the targets.

Follow the proper procedure for firearm removal. Verify that your chamber and the magazine have not been loaded. The guns shouldn’t be operated if they’re not in use.

For your own safety To ensure your safety, you must always remain behind the fire line. This line is the vertical line that runs in the distance from your bench. The targets are automatic which means they will be able to move forward as well as backward for you. An “cease-fire” signal is issued if attention is needed in the distance. Weapons should then be unloaded from the bench and should not be left there.

Safety at the gun range and proper manners ensure that everyone is able to practice safely in a safe setting. No matter how experienced firearm users may be, they should adhere to safety rules. 9tnpazzweo.

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