How Can I Get a CMMC Certification? – Continuing Education Schools

t the CMMC certification? But how? This video will teach you how to earn CMMC certification and get ready for the next generation of cybersecurity. CMMC is Cybersecurity Maturity Mod Certification. It’s the most recent validation process that has been put in place by the Department of Defence has put into it. This method is designed to guarantee that the required level of cybersecurity is across the supply chain of the defense industrial base.

There are different levels of CMMC with 5 levels to be precise, each with their individual number of methods. Basic Cyber Hygiene has 17 practices; Intermediate Cyber Hygiene has 72 practices; Good Cyber Hygiene has 130 procedures; level four includes Proactive Cyber Hygiene which has 156 practices . Level five is Advanced Cyber Hygiene with 171 practices.

There are many benefits to receiving the CMMC certification, including the fact that you’ll meet DOD contract’s requirements, boost the security of your organization, and more. This video will explain more about the CMMC certificate and how to obtain it.


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