How Does Fire Rated Glass Work? – Ceve Marketing

hen choosing windows to your office, home as well as for your business when choosing windows for your office, home or business, you must understand the difference between these kinds of glass to ensure that you are able to choose the most suitable option for you. Read on to find out how fire rated glass works and also the differences between fire-resistant glass and fire-resistant glass.

Glasses that are fire-resistant or fire-proof differ on the type of blockage they provide. Fire protective glass is able to be used to block flames or smug but not be fatally heated, fire-resistant glass can block flames as well as smoke. This glass meets safety regulations and is able to protect your property and the lives of people as long as two hours.

Glass-ceramic is categorized under the category of fire-resistant glass. It’s similar to standard glass, but it isn’t as clear in brightness and hues as conventional glass. Also it doesn’t protect from radiant heat.

Specialty-tempered glass is the one fire-resistant glass that appears identical to standard glass. Specialty tempered glass is able to stand up to extreme temperatures unlike regular glass.

Watch the video to learn more about glass that’s resistant to fire, such as glass that has glass that is fire-resistant.


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