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Foundation repair is not necessary. Follow the article for signs and symptoms that foundation repair is possible.

A deteriorated or cracked chimney can be the first indicator. A chimney situated in the middle of your home, is the biggest and most heavy area of your house. tiny. The foundation , as well as the ground beneath the foundation could be unstable. If this occurs the chimney may lean or crack.

Settlement of the foundation is the next indication. Settlement of the foundation occurs when the soil cannot hold the weight of your house, and can cause it to sink, or to settle.

Broken bricks are the final sign. More than just an issue of aesthetics, it may indicate that your foundation needs repair. This is especially true if cracks start appearing in corners. This could can lead to doors or window.

Inside of your home, cracks in drywall are among the most common signs of foundation-related issues. Cracks in the floor and walls, that are visible between floors and walls, suggest that the foundation has been damaged.

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