How Gas Line Installers Take Proper Safety Measures – Cleveland Internships

It’s best to hire the help of a professional. Live Free has a YouTube video that is titled “Tips for Installing a Gas Line” explaining how this is safe to do. Find out more!
Getting Started Safely

It is crucial to position the gas valve in an accessible location so that you are able to shut off when you have to. Pipe Joint Compound is recommended to help lubricate pipes. Gas line contractors use it because it will allow you to tighten joints by using a pipe wrench. It is sealed when it has been properly tightened. Remember to avoid Teflon tape because it might not be permitted according to the installation guidelines in certain areas.

It’s also advantageous to utilize two pipes wrenches with sharp edges because it will make the task simpler. It’s not a good idea to wait too longer time to tighten the entire thing. It’s also possible to use a metal file to sharpen the teeth of your wrench.

Go through the rest of the video to find more information and to remember to remain safe when dealing with gas!


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