This Minecraft Mod Adds Target Dummies –

Ods that have already been updated includes the Target Dummy mod. This mod is very simple. However, the attention to particulars is astounding. More details can be seen in the video.

Target Dummy mod only adds one item. No one is surprised that this is the Target Dummy. But, you might be surprised by how exciting this product can be. This item is made with the armour stand and”haybale. Dummies can later be provided with various sets of armor and even mob heads. But, it’s to be used for much more than decoration. The damage of the armor stand is displayed when you strike the dummy you want to target using the weapon or projectile. It’s higher than base damage of the weapon. The damage number as modified by the mob and armor that is shown. For example, an armor piece that protects you could reduce the damage value. The sword bearing the curse of arthropods will cause more damage to the target target dummy, especially if it is wearing a head made by spiders. This is the science of it, because the dummy has no resistance. You can slap it numerous times want!


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