Kitchen Remodeling Ideas You Need – Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel Renovation

Make your home more valuable by enhancing the worth of your house by changing its atmosphere. This video provides excellent advice on kitchen remodeling. This speaker is a veteran participant who has experienced the process.
Cabinets above the fridge

It is important to first pay focus to the height of the cabinet on top of the fridge. In most kitchens, these cabinets measure 12 inches in height from the front of the refrigerator, which makes it impossible for most people to reach them without climbing ladders. So, it is recommended that you make cabinets easier to reach.

Knee Clearance and Open Shelving

Open shelving is yet another fantastic concept that is fast becoming a popular trend in kitchen design. When it’s done properly this can create a the kitchen feel more open and airy. There is a chance to save lots of money by not having to purchase cabinets for your kitchen crockery, dishware and other items. The first thing to do is ensure that the size of your kitchen island is sufficient to accommodate chairs. For a standard 36 inch counter top, you need to have at minimum 15 inches of knee clearance.


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