Prolong Engine Life With This Car Upkeep Checklist – Car Talk Podcast

In order to avoid injuries, Check out this maintenance guideline that will help you stay safe on the road:

Your tires should be inspected to ensure that they are correctly inflated and have adequate tread. Weather conditions in winter can cause roads to be icy and slippery making tread is vital.

Check your windshield wipers: The visibility is crucial when driving whatever the weather, but especially in the winter season when heavy rain and snow can obscure your view. If your windshield wipers appear to be damaged, you should replace them.

Check that your battery is in good condition. Be sure to avoid being stuck by making sure your battery’s in good condition and properly charged.

Make sure you check the lights on a regular basis: In order to check that the car’s lights function correctly, it’s recommended to check all lights. It includes taillights, headlights brake lights, the lights on your brakes, and turn signals. It’s illegal as well as dangerous driving with out functioning light bulbs.

Check your fluids: All your car’s fluids are required to be at proper levels. This includes coolant, oils, as well as transmission fluid. Engine issues can be caused by lower levels of these fluids.

Make sure you check your brakes regularly: Be sure to have your brakes tested regularly to ensure they’re in good in good condition. Roads in winter can be treacherous which is why this step is vital.

This maintenance checklist will assist you in ensuring that the winter drive is secure and fun. Even if you’ve taken all of the required safety precautions, accidents may occur without fault or fault of your own. It is possible to have a claim for compensation if you were involved in an accident. A personal injury lawyer will help you comprehend your legal rights and options and help you fight for the money you deserve.

In the event of an emergency, it’s vital to have a lawyer for accident or injury available.


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