How to Build a Small Backyard Tennis Court to Enjoy With Your Family – Recreation Magazine

Install stakes on the ground to mark the area. Employing a hammer screws or nails (depending upon the kind of wood you are using) join your wood pieces around the specified area.

After you’ve completed this step after that, fill holes using wood filler until the area is dry. A concrete driveway company offers leveling services.

If you’d like to have fun at night then add some lights

It is essential to have lights on if you want to enjoy yourself late at night. They must be placed at about 5 feet from the ground. You can also place these light fixtures underneath the netting if necessary.

It is a great way to bond with your outdoor tennis courts

There are numerous options that can help you construct your own tennis court in your backyard.

It’s recommended to install nets on both sides of the court in case there are multiple players are using the court. If someone throws their ball across the fence or into the net of another court and the net isn’t able to strike the ball further than where their net ends. If this isn’t feasible due to the landscaping issue or any different reasons (like insufficient space) or other reasons, there is a way around the problem or other obstacles. A fence that has gates on either side would be a good option to keep players away until they’ve had enough; alternatively, some fences don’t come equipped with gates in any way.

Parting Thoughts

You can see that there are many ways to build a small outdoor tennis court. Be aware that if you intend to construct this structure by yourself, it’s vital that you obtain professional permits as well as hire professionals with experience. This will ensure that the court you are building is constructed correctly without any problems later afterward.

A tennis court could be a wonderful way for the entire family to get together.


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