How to Fix Most AC Units when They Only Blow Hot Air – The Interstate Moving Companies

Don’t have to talk to an HVAC tech right away if you get up during the scorching intense summer heat. You can instead try at fixing your AC at home.

The clip outlines all the important aspects of DIY AC repair on any unit that stops from blowing cold air. The presenter suggests you inspect your AC’s breakers panel, as well as additional electrical components that might hinder its operation. If there’s nothing wrong in your AC unit then an HVAC repair professional won’t be able to help you.

When you realize that the issue may be in the AC unit, you can go on to troubleshooting the issue in particular. Examine your thermostat first, for confirmation that your AC unit is set to cool. If that’s set correctly the next step is to test the compressor of your AC outside of the house.

You can try using a screwdriver control the fan’s power manually. A HVAC professional will be able to help to fix any of the internal components of your AC to ensure it is still working. zbr8uk7vfo.

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