How Can You Start a Profitable Compost for Sale Business? – Business Web Club

The model of business is simple enough to virtually guarantees profit and comes with virtually no start-up costs.

Make the pile using organic materials. Ideally, your pile should comprise about half brown materials like dead leaves and sticks as well as half green materials like kitchen scraps or grass clippings. It should be at least fifteen feet away from your house or other structures.

In order to attract worms and insects Let the pile lie to the side on the ground. The pile should be covered with a tarp in order to make it hot. A warm compost pile is more efficient at decomposing and will kill weed seeds. Use a pitchfork once every couple of days to flip your pile.

Now is the time to create compost and sell it. Post ads for compost sales on websites for free and then price your compost to match bagged alternatives at your local hardware store. 9bwvm7ehqg.

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