The Top Motorcycles for Sale This Year – Daves Auto Glass Repair

If you’re thinking of buying an one, or owns an existing one but is looking to find out more about how to care for it, this piece is a great resource for top motorcycles on the year for sale. For more information, please go through the video.

These are the top-selling motorcycles on the market. There are some that are brand-new models, while the others are old models that are updated by modern technologies and features. Regardless of what type of motorcycle one is looking for, these motorcycles are guaranteed to be a hit!

Harley Davidson Sportster 883LX

The Sportster 883LX is an excellent choice for a bike with traditional styling but modern capabilities. The bike is fitted with an 883cc V-twin motor which produces 50 HP at 6500 rpm as well as the torque of 63 lbs at 4000 RPM. Front brakes include two discs and the rear has a drum brake. The bicycle has an overall length of 85 inches, a wide of 30 inches, and an elevation of 46 inches. The bike has the dry weight at 545 pounds (without fuel). To learn more, contact us at toll-free at home!


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