Common Piping Tools – Do it Yourself Repair

A weldolet is the most popular type of branch connector. The weldolet is characterized by its sloped edges that allow it to connect to main pipe and branch pipe. It’s utilized to create 90-degree angles for fitting pipes. They’re classified as buttweld fittings. These fittings are ideal for pipes with an extremely high pressure.

Sockolets are similar in design to weldolets. However, they’re better suited to smaller pipes and have lower pressure. They are classified as fittings for sockets. They’re not as well-beveled like welding dolets. The branch pipe is screwed to the round-end and then the other is fixed to the main pipe.

Thredolets are often referred to as fittings with threads. They also are used in smaller pipes and low pressure. They are used to connect pipes exactly the same manner as the sockolets.

The form of the Nipolet’s shape is distinctive from the rest. They are akin to a tube connected to a weldolet. They’re used for valve takeoffs which lower the pressure inside pipes. 47gw5pybra.

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