What is CMMC? – Discovery Videos


Since people are becoming more aware of the internet and how it is used, data is becoming less secure. This is where cybersecurity maturity models come in. What exactly is CMMC? And how is it used? Find out more in the article below.

It is basically used to check if companies comply to NIST SP 800-171. To see the companies being measured, you can look over the latest version of this draft. The purpose of these documents is to find out whether or not the companies are suitable for the government to work with. There are levels one through five. If your company is not at the required level, it cannot bid for the government’s projects that are specifically targeted. This is done in order to improve the security posture of the defense industrial base. This ensures proper security measures are in place for protected information classified.

This video will explain more about the model. The video is a great description of the cybersecurity maturity model. Version four of the draft released open to the public has more information on the CMMC.


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